Before we get to the card, let’s start with what’s happening right now in F1. It is quite literally the most exciting, drama-filled time in F1 history.

On Sunday, Hamilton edged out rival Max Verstappen in one of the strangest races in Formula 1 history.

The race required two restarts, four virtual safety cars, plus multiple collisions between Hamilton and Verstappen. If you are new to F1 and aren’t quite sure what all this means, that’s fine. Just know all of these events occurring in one race is quite rare.

In the end, with Hamilton pulling out the win, he and Verstappen head into the final weekend tied with 369.5 points, and one race to go. With Formula 1 gaining immense popularity over the last year, what an incredible way to end the season.

Now that we’ve completed a mini update on the excitement surrounding the final race, let’s get into what makes this card special.

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Lewis Hamilton is the GOAT

In some sports, there are passionate debates about who the true GOAT is. In the NBA, for example, we’ve been hearing about LeBron James vs Michael Jordan for years already, and that likely won’t stop… maybe ever.

In F1, there is no debate. Lewis Hamilton is the GOAT. He holds the record for the most wins. He has 181 Podiums, 103 Pole Positions, 287 Grand Prix Entered, and 7 World Championships.

Only time will tell if he can be overtaken, but for now, there is no argument.

This is the first year of F1 Topps Chrome

With the Netflix series, Formula 1: Drive to Survive, becoming extremely popular, so has the sport as a whole.

While F1 has had other cards in the past, they have never had anything like Topps Chrome. This brings excitement around the cards in the first edition of Topps Chrome, and also shines a light on the popularity the sport has gained to this point.

We are in the midst of an epic end to the season

As outlined in the intro, the ending to the season is unlike anything ever seen before. Hamilton is making a late push to win his 8th championship, while rival Max Verstappen aims to win his first.

For the first time since 1974, the F1 title comes down to the final race. In a final race full of drama, Hamilton aims to make history with his 8th title.

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